Sound Bite Services

YF-pic6“The panic that sets in, when a competent professional suddenly faces rapid-fire questions from an interviewer on deadline, or a barrage of microphones and cameras is usually due to lack of preparation or not having a clear understanding of the media’s expectations.

We founded THE Sound Bite Specialists to lift that pressure. We train people for the hot seat, with the media skills they need to communicate effectively.

We help them craft the sound bite, so they can control their message and image.”

  • developing a strategic communications plan, including preparing you for interviews.
  • conduct video-taped interviews and prepare you to be an effective communicator regardless of the format, i.e. one-on-one interviews, live-shots, news conferences.
  • Prepare you to meet the press at your News Conference.
  • Develop Crisis Communication Strategies-Group workshops or individual training
  • Ethnic diversity considerations and multi-language communications
  • New Media and your organization
  • English/Spanish bi-lingual training
  • Crisis Communication strategies
  • Video Training: (1) interview tips (2) Workshops